MCQ Science and technology #4

 Multiple Choice Questions #4 (science and technology )

1: Russis's 'Luna 25' spacecraft crashed into the moon's surface recently. It was Russia's first lunar landing  mission  in 

(a) 27 years       (b) 37 years 

(c) years          (d) 17 years 

Answer (c)  

 2:  India secured  which rank at the 16th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics  ( IOAA), concluded in Chorzow ( Poland) recently?

(a)  First              (b) Second 

(c) Third             (d) Last

Answer (b) 

3:  Recently, the First WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit was took place in 

(a) Gandhinagar ( Gujarat) 

(b)  Chorzow   ( Poland 

(c) Addus Ababa    (Etgiopia) 

(d) Rabat ( Morocco) 

Answer (a) 

4:  Who of the following has recently launched the project 17A frigate ship ' Vindhyagiri' in Kolkata?

(a) PM Narendra Modi 

(b) Defence Minister Rajnath Singh 

(c) CDS Anil Chaudhan 

Answer (d) 

5:  India's  first Drone Common Testing Centre will be established in 

(a) Tamil Nadu 

(b)  Katnataka 

(c)  Gujarat 

(d) Uttar Pradesh 

Answer (a) 

6: Recently, India's first Digital Science Park has been inaugurated in the which State? 

(a) Karnataka         (b) Keral 

(c) Gujarat              (d) Maharashtra 

Answer (b) 

 7: ASEAN Maritime Exercise 2023 begins today in Harbour Phase, the event is held at which military port? 

(a) Norfolk Naval Base 

(b) ZapadnayaLitsa Naval Base 

(c) Washington  Navy Yard 

(d) Changi Naval Base 

Answer (d) 

  8: Which Artificial Intelligence Company launched ' Pi Chatbot'?

(a)  DeepMind Technologies 

(b) Inflection Al Inc 

(c) OpenAI

(d) Tesla 

Answer (c) 

 9:  The World Health  Organisation announced the end of the 10_ month long global health emergency for which disease?

(a) COVID __ 19     (b) MPox 

(c) polio                 (d) Swine Flu 

Answer (b) 

10: How many women cadets have been inducted into the Indian Army's Regiment of Artillery, for the first time ever ?

(a)  5           (b) 4       (c) 7      (d)  3

Answer (a) 

 11: Which space agency  has developed  the ' Aeolus  Satellite ' ?

(a)  JAXA                    (b) ISRO 

(c) NASA                   (d) ESA 

Answer (d) 

 12: NASA partners with which Technology Company for a new Geospatial Foundation Model ?

(a) Oracle               ( b) Google 

(c) IBM                   (d)   Hewlett Packard 

Answer (c) 

13: Tropical Storm ' Cyclone Mocha' in the Bay of Bengal  has been named by which country?

(a) Yemen                    (b) Sri  Lanka

(c) Indonesia           (d)  Bangladesh 

Answer (a) 

14: What is the name of Indian Navy's 3rd indigenous stealth destroyer of the Project 15B class ?

(a) INS __ Dhruv         (b) INS _ Imphal 

(c) INS __ Vikram      (d)  INS__ Kattabomman

 Answer (b)

 15:  Scientists have found the first _ ever  genetic detection of wolf_ dog hybridisation in which country?

(a) China          ( b) India

( c) Japan          (d) Australia 

Answer (b) 

16: Who will become the new CEO of Twitter? 

(a)  David Zaslav 

(b) Linda Yaccarino 

(c) Ed Bastain 

(d) Shantanu  Narayen 

Answer (b) 

17: ' BrahMos'Supersonic Missile was launched from which Indian Navy Ship? 

(a) INS_ Visakhaptnam 

( b) INS_ Vikrant 

(c) INS_ Mormugao 

(d) INS_ Vikramaditya 

Answer (c) 

18: Which medium _ range ballistic missile was successfully test_ fired from APJ Abdul Kalam Island ?

(a) Angi _ 1                (b) Angi_ 3

(c) Angi_ 4                (d) Angi _ 5 

Answer (a) 

 19:  Where did the Indian Navy and Royal Thai Navy conduct the 35th CORPAT Exercise ?

(a) Aden Sea            (b) South  China Sea

(c) Arabian  Sea     (d) Andaman Sea 

Answer (d) 

20:  India launched the ' NET Zero' Innovation Virtual Centre  with which country ?

(a) USA               (b) South Korea 

(c) UK                 (d) Australia 

Answer (c) 

21:  What is the name of the device NASA used to detect carbon monoxide during the extraction of oxygen from lunar soil? 

(a) Lunar Mass  Spectrometer 

(b) Lunar Oxygen Detector 

(c) MSolo 

(d) Lunar Carbon Monoxide Sensor 

Answer (c) 

 22: TeLEOS _ 2 and Lumelite _ 4 ? 

(a)  Two Russian satellites 

(b) Two American  satellites 

(c) Two Singaporean satellites 

(d) Two Chines  Satellites 

Answer (c) 

23: What is the name of the world's   first liquid hydrogen _ powered ferry ?

 (a) MF Hydra        (b) MV  Hydra 

(c) MS  Hydra       (d) MF Hydrogen 

Answer (a) 

 24: What is the name of the bilateral maritime exercise between Indian and Sri Lanka that began in  2023 ?

(a) INDOLINK              (b) INSLAM

(c) LANKINDO             (d)  SLINEX

Answer (d) 

 25: Which State/ UT hosted the " 5th International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure "?

(a) New Delhi       (b) Mumbai 

(c) Chennai          (d) Jaipur 

Answer (a) 

 26:  What  is the  name of Shace X's spaceraft that  is set to make its first test flight?

(a) Dragon             (b) Falcon Heavy 

(c) Atlas V            (d) Starship 

Answer (d) 

27:  ISRO conducted the Successful launch of RLV Autonomous Landing  Mission ( RLV_ LEX) recently from Aeronautical test Range ( ATR), Chitradurga in Karnataka. What does RLV stand  for ?

(a) Ratating  Launch Vehicle 

(b) Radial Launch  Vehicle 

(c) Reusable launch Vehicle 

(d) Revolutionary Launch  Vehicle 

Answer (c) 

28: Which company recently test_ fired an advanced fully 3D _ printed cryogenic engine ?

(a) Skyroot Aerospace 

(b) ISRO 

(c) SpaceX 

(d) Blue Orgin 

Answer (a) 

29:  The Ministry of Petroleum  and Natural Gas organised   two_ day Global Conference on Compressed Biogas in which city ?

(a) Hyderabad        (b) Chennai 

(c) New Delhi        (d)  Bengaluru 

Answer (c) 

30:  PM Modi recently  inaugurated the world's first semi_ high speed passenger train on high rise Overhead Electric (OHE) territory in which state of India? 

(a) Uttar Pradesh      (b) Rajasthan 

(c) Karnataka        (d) Gujarat 

Answer (b)

31:  Which among these satellites were recently launched by SpaceX under its most recent Starlink mission ?

(a) Statlink ' V1 mini' satellites 

(b) Statlink ' V2 mini ' satellites 

(c) Statlink  ' V2.5 mini ' satellites 

(d) Statlink  ' V1.5 mini ' satellites 

Answer (b) 

32: What is the rank of India in Stanford University's AI Index report, for investment in startups offering AI products and services?

(a) 3rd         (b) 4th    (c) 5th    (d) 7th 

Answer (c) 

 33:  What is the name of the mission launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) to Jupiter's moon ?

(a) JADE                    (b) JUPITER 

(c) JUNG                    (d) JUICE 

Answer (d) 

34: The India_ US Air Exercise , Cope India _ 2023, was held at Kalaikunda and Panagarh in West Bengal. The exercise  was which edition of the annual event ?

(a) 4th        (b) 6th     (c)  7th    (d) 5th 

Answer (b) 

 35:  India has recently  formed a first of its type trilateral grouping with which of the following  countries?

(a) Iran and Amenia 

(b) Bulgaria and Iraq 

(c) Turkey and  Belarus 

(d) Israrl  and Lebanon 

Answer (a) 

36:  DRDO has launched  Industry Academia Centre of Excellence,  DIA_ CoE, in which of these institutions?

(a) IIT_ Indore       (b) IIT_ Madras 

(c) IIT_ Delhi        (d) IIT _ Hyderabad 

Answer (d) 

37: How many members of astronauts have been named for NASA's  Artemis II crew mission ?

  (a)  3          (b)  4        (c) 5      ( d) 6       

Answer (b) 

 38: Who has been appointed  as the new Vice _ Chief of Indian Navy ?

(a) Manoj Pande            (b) Ajay Kumar 

(c) Sanjay Jasjit  Singh  (d) Harish Busht   

Answer (c) 

 39: In which year was the National level Hackathon ' KAVACH' launched to advance India's  cyber _ preparedness?

(a) 2020                     ( b) 2022

 ( c) 2023                     (d) 2024 

Answer (c) 

40: Where did the first batch of Agniveers pass out from ?

(a) INS_ Vikrant         (b) INS_ Viraat 

(c) INS _ Chilka         (d)  INS _ Arihant 

Answer (c) 

 41: Which of the following  statement is incorrect  about H3H2 virus ?

(a) It is a subtype of Infulenza A.

(b) It can not effect bird and mammals 

(c) Its symptoms are similar to the flu.

(d) It can transmit from one to another through droplets 

Answer (b) 

 42:   Which of the satellites is jointly developed by NASA and ISRO ? 

(a) Edusat                   (b) IRNS 

(c) TERRA                   (d)  NISAR 

Answer (d) 

43:  In which city will the Coal Ministry organise the East Zonal  Conference on PM_ Gati Shakti?

(a) Keonjhar         (b) Bhubaneshwar 

(c) Jagdishpur     (d) Chatrapur 

Answer (b) 

44:  When will NASA launch Israel's first space telescope mission, the Ultraviolet Transient Astronomy Satellite ( ULTRASAT) 

(a) 2023               (b)  2024 

(c) 2025                 (d)  2026 

Answer (d) 

45: By  which year is it expected that five S_ 400 regiments will be delivered?

(a) 2025                   (b) 2024 

(c) 2023                  (d) 2026 

Answer (c) 

 46: The 10_ day Africa India Field Training Exercise ( AFINDEX 2023) organised  in which city from March 21_ 30 ,2023?

(a) Bengaluru            (b) Jalandhar 

(c) Chennai                (d) Pune 

Answer (d) 

 47: Which reference to H3N2 consider the following  statement :

(1) It   is the subtype of influenza A.

(2) This virus usually prey on individual below the age of 15 years or about  50.

Which of the above statements are correct ?

(a) Only 1                (b) Only 2

(c) Both 1 & 2         (d)  Neither 1 nor 2 

Answer (c) 

 48: Exercise Desert Flag VIII held in which of the following  countries?

(a) China                (b) India 

(c) US                     (d) UAE 

Answer (d) 

 49: India's  first hybrid sounding  rocket by private players was successful launched in which district of Tamil Nadu ?

(a) Chengalpattu      (b) Chennai 

(c) Coimbatore        (d) Madurai 

Answer (a) 

 50:  Which is the world's first Cloud _ Built Demonstration Satellite?

(a) Odin                    (b) THEMIS 

(c) JANUS _ I           (d) Cosmos 

Answer (c) 

51: For the first time Indian submarine ......... docked in Indonesia 

(a) INS_ Arighat 

(b) INS _ Arihant 

(c) INS_ Shalki 

(d) INS_ Sindhukesari 

Answer (d) 

52: The Deepest salvage in the Arabian Sea was carried  out by which INS in India ?

(a) INS_ Khanderi        (b) INS_ Kalvari 

(c) INS_ Nireekshak    (d)  INS_ Vikrant 

Answer (c) 

 53:  Wherr did Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers  Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya Inaugurated IFFCO Nano Urea Liquid  Plants? 

(a) Cuttack ( odisha) 

(b) Jaipur ( Rajasthan) 

(c) Surat ( Gujarat)

(d) Phulpur ( Uttar Pradesh )

Answer (d) 

54: APJ Abdul Kalam Satellite Launch Vehicle Mission _ 2023 launched from which state in India?

(a) Odisha               (b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Karnataka         (d) Kerela 

Answer (b) 

 55:  The 4th Joint Training  exercise DUSTLIK ( 2023) will be held in Pithoragarh ( Uttarakhand) between India and 

(a)  China              (b)  Germany 

(c) America          (d) Uzbekistan 

Answer (d) 

56: What is the name of the indigenous data link communication developed by the Indian Navy?

(a) Rakshalink           (b) Radiolink 

(c) Vayulink                (d)  Commlink 

Answer (c) 

 57:  Which state became the first state to use robotic scavengers to clean manholes?

(a) Odisha              (b) Tamil Nadu 

(c) Kerala               (d)  Punjab 

Answer (c) 

58: All India Council for Technical Education and ....... Jointly Launch KAVACH _ 2023.

(a) Bureau of Police Research and Development 

(b) University Grants   Commission 

(c) Medical Council  of India 

(d) Indian Council  for Agriculture Research

 Answer (a) 

 59: Israeli Aerospace Industries ( IAI) signed MoU with which Indian organisation to form a joint venture related to Armed forces?

(a)  HAL                (b) ISRO 

(c) BEL                  (d) DRDO 

Answer (c) 

 60: Which company launched  LLaMA model, a research tool more potent than Open AI 's GPT _ 3 ?

(a) Microsoft           (b) Apple 

(c) Google               ( d) Meta 

Answer (d) 

 61: Choose the correct statement (s) :

(i) The Union Ministry of Mines announced that lithium reserves have been found in Jammu and Kashmir,  a first in the country. 

(ii) The Geological Survey of India established 5.9 million tonnes of inferred lithium resources in the Salal _ Haimana area of Reasi District in Jammu and Kasmir.


(a) Only (i)                        (b) Only (ii)

(c) Both (i) and ( ii)          (d) None of these 

Answer (C) 

62: Choose the correct statement (s) : 

(i) Jupiter recently became  the planet with the most moons, after a dozen new moons were discovered  around it. 

(ii) The planet has surpassed Saturn with its list of 92 moons in all.


(a) Only (i)                     (b) Only (ii)

(c) Both (i) and (ii)        (d) None of the above


63:  An American technology giant, .... launched a platform that displays flood forecast, namely ' Flood Hub' 

(a) IBM                   (b) SpaceX 

(c)Microsoft          (d) Google 

Answer (d) 

64: Which constitutional body is hosting the 2nd International Conference on ' Use of Technology and Elections Integrity '?

(a) Finance Commission of India 

(b) Election   Commission of India  ( ECI) 

(c) Union Public Service Commission 

(d) State Public Service  Commission 

Answer (b) 

 65: Indian Navy commissioned the fifth diesel _ electric Scorpene named as INS_ 

(a) Vagir                    (b) Vikrant 

(c) Kalvari                 (d) Karanj 

Answer (a) 

 66: The defence ministry approved three procurement proposals, including that of Helina anti_ tank guided missiles, at  total cost of 

(a) ₹1276 crore        (b) ₹ 2276 crore 

(c) ₹ 3276 crore     (d)  ₹ 4276 crore 

Answer (d) 

 67: Which of the following  has emerged as the top destination for mobile gamers as per MPL reports ?

(a) Maharashtra           (b) West Bengal 

(c) Uttar Pradesh         (d) Karnataka 

Answer (c) 

 68:  Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited ( TBAL) delivered the first fuselage for six AH_ 64 Apache attack ...... ordered by the Indian Army 

(a) Missiles                  (b) Tanks 

(c) Helicopters            (d)  Submarines 

Answer (c) 

69:  Google pilots  ' Soundpod by Google Pay' for  ..... in India .

(a) Storing cloud music 

(b) UPI payments

(c)  Online Music creation 

(d) Listening  Music wirelessly 

Answer (b) 

70: Indian Scientists have first identified and reported the solitary  waves in the magnetosphere of which planet with the help of high _ resolution electric field data recorded by a NASA spacecraft?

(a) Venus                   (b) Mars

(c) Jupiter                 (d) Saturn 

Answer (b) 

 71: The first of its kind joint exercise Cyclone _ I, being held in the deserts of Rajasthan , is between India and 

(a) UAE                     (b) Russia

(c) Israel                  (d) Egypt 

Answer (d)

 72:  Considered the following  statements: 

(i) Rajasthan government has implemented a policy  for blindness control with the objective of  ' Right to  Sight'. 

(ii) Under the policy,  the Rajasthan government will mandatorily run Keratoplasty Centres and Eye Banks at all the government medical colleges. 

Which of the above statements  is/ are correct  ?

(a) Only (i)                    (b) Only (ii)

(c) Both (i) and (ii)       (d) Neither (i) nor (ii) 

Answer (c) 

73: Consider the following  statements :

(i) India's  first Centre of Excellence  ( CoE) of online gaming will be set _ up in  Shillong, Meghalaya by March 2023 

(ii)  The CoE will be set _ up under Digital India Startup Hub through the Software Technology Parks of India ( STPI) 

(iii) The STPI is an autonomous society  in the field of Science and Technology  under the MeitY. 

Which of the above statements is / are correct ?

(a) (i) and (ii)                   (b) (ii) and (iii)

(c) (i) ,(ii) and (iii)           (d) (i) and (iii) 

Answer (c) 

74: Which ministry has organised the 6_ day mega event ' Bharat Parv'at Red Fort Lawns ?

(a) Ministry  of Education 

(b) Ministry  of Environment and   Forests 

(c) Ministry  of Tourism 

(d) Ministry of Culture 

Answer (c) 

75:  Which Indian Armed Force successfully test_ fired the extended _ range version of BrahMos Air _ Launched missile?

(a) Indian Army 

( b) Indian Navy 

(c) Indian Air Force 

(d) Indian  Coast Guard 

Answer (c)

76: Which of the following vaccines  manufactured by Bharat Biotech became the World's  first intranasal Covid vaccine to receive approval  for the primary  2_ dose schedule as well as a heterologous booster dose?

(a) iNCOVACC             ( b) ZyCOV_ D

(c) Corbevax              ( d)  Sputnik 

Answer (a) 

77: Which country has reported its first case of Naegleria  Fowleri, commonly  referred  to as ' brain__ eating amoeba'?

(a) Canada               (b) North  Korea 

(c) South Korea       (d) China 

Answer (c) 

78: Which of the following  vessel of the Indian Navy will participate  in the 50th edition of Cape to Rio Race 2023 ?

(a) INS_ Darshak 

(b) INSV _ Tarini 

(c) INS_ Tarangini 

(d) INSV_ Mhadei 

Answer (b) 

79: Meizotropis pellita (Patwa), which was added to IUCN Red List, belongs to which species ?

(a) Turtle           (b) Medicininal Plant 

(c) Snake          (d) Butterfly 

Answer (b) 

80: Which one of the following  institutions has recently developed artificial heart ?

(a) IISc _ Bangalore       (b) IIT_ BHU

(c) AIIMS                         (d) IIT _ Kanpur 

Answer (d) 

 81: Which of the following  State was awarded for the best practices in controlling TB infections?

(a) Assam               (b) Kerala 

(c) Manipur           (d) Meghalaya 

Answer (d) 

82: Considered the following statements regarding GLASS report 2022  :

(i) The Global Antimicrobial Resistance and Use Surveillance System ( GLASS) Report 2022 was released by UNICEF 

(ii) The 5th edition of the report states that 50% of the life_ threatening bacterial infections are becoming  resistant to treatment 

Which of the statements given above is/ are correct ?

(a) Only (i)                 (b) Only (ii) 

(c) Both (i) and (ii)     (c) Neither (i) nor (ii) 

Answer (b) 

83:  Which two countries conducted the 39th edition of PATRO?

(a) India and Japan 

(b) Japan and Australia 

(c) Australia and Indonesia 

(d) Indonesia and India 

Answer (d) 

84:The 6th Edition of Indo_ Kazakhstan joint training exercise ' KAZIND_22' is conducted at Umroi,  

(a) Uttarakhand 

(b) Himachal Pradesh 

(c) Meghalaya 

(d) Arunachal  Pradesh 

Answer (c) 

  85: Who among the following is not included in the group of artists included in the list of crew for SpaceX's privately funded mon mission?

(a) Irish photographer Rhiannon  Adam

(b) Photographer Karim Iliya 

(c) Indian actor  Dev Joshi 

(d) Indian contemporary artist Jitish Kallat

 Answer (d) 

86: Which IIT has signed an MoU with Army Training  Command to set_ up centre of excellence?

(a) IIT_ Madras         (b) IIT_ Roorkee

(c) IIT_Bombay        (d) IIT_ Ropar 

Answer (d) 

87: Consider the following  statements: 

(i) The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare revealed that the Country's annual rate of HIV infection  has declined by 46% 

(ii) AIDS_ related mortalities have also declined by 76% against the global  average  of 52%

Which of the statements given above  is/ are correct ?

(a) Only(i)                   (b) Only (ii) 

(c) Both (i) and (ii)     (d) Neither (i) nor (ii) 

Answer (a)

88:  Ministry of Agriculture partnered  with which department to develop Krishi_ Decision Support System ( Krishi _ DSS)?

(a) Department of Commerce 

(b) Department of Science and Technology 

(c) Department of Space 

(d) Indian Computer Emergency Response Team 

Answer (c) 

89: Which cyclone recently formed  over Bay of Brngal, crossing  the coasts of Southern States?

(a) Asani              (b) Sitrang 

(c)  Mocha         (d) Mandous 

Answer (d) 

90: Indian forces acquiring , which  ballistic missile for striking targets at 150_ 500 km ?

(a) Aag                    (b) Drishti  

 (c) Shakti                (d) Pralay 

Answer (d) 

91: Which reference to ' Pararambh' space mission recently seen in news , consider the following  statements 

(i) Mussion  Prarambh is the first  launch of Vikram _ S rocket 

(ii)  Vikram _ S is built by DRDO in a collaboration  with ISRO 

Which of the statements given above is / are correct ?

(a) Only (i)                     (b) Only (ii)

(c) Both (i) and (ii)         (d) Neither (i) nor (ii)

 Answer (b) 

92: Where is the 60p MW Kameng Hydro Power Station located?

(a) Assam 

(b) West Bengal 

(c) Arunachal  Pradesh 

(d) Himachal    Pradesh 

Answer (c) 

93: Which among the  following conducted the Integrated Fire Power Exercise, ' Shatrunash'?

(a) Southern  Command 

(b) South _ Western Command 

(c) Northern Command 

(d) Central Command 

Answer (b) 

94: Which of the following species lost 140 years ago has been rediscovered in Papua New Guinea ?

(a) Black _ naped Pheasant pigeon 

(b) Batagur  Kachuga 

(c) African Forest Elephant 

(d) Manis  spp 

Answer (a) 

95:Cosider the following  statements 

(i) Indo_ French Air Exercise  Garuda _ VII was held at Ambala Air Force Station in Haryana 

(ii) Rafale fighter aircraft and A_ 330 Multi Role Tanker Transport ( MRTT) from the Indian Air  force  participated 

Which of the statements given above  is/ are correct?

(a) Only (i)                     (b) Only (ii)

(c) Both (i) and (ii)        (d) Neither (i) nor (ii) 

Answer (c) 

96: What is the number  of children  who missed measles vaccine dose last year due to COVID_ 19

(a) 20 million             (b) 30 million 

(c) 40  million             (d) 50 million 

Answer (c) 

97: INS Gomti, which was recently decommissioned after 34 years of service to Indian armed forces, was a .....?

(a) Light Aircraft Career 

(b) Missile Frigate 

(c) Fast Battleship 

(d) Attacked Submarine 


98: PARAM ANANTA Supercomputer commissioned at which IIT ?

(a) Roorkee           (b) Hyderabad 

(c) Madras          (d) Gandhinagar 

Answer (d) 

99: Which country has successfully test fired a Tsirkon  hypersonic cruise missile from the Barents Sea and target the hit of about 1000 km?

(a) Ukraine               (b) Iran 

(c) USA                         (d) Russia 


100:  Which company  has launched Indian Navy's survey vessel ' INS Nirdeshark'?

(a) Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers 

(b) Larsen & Toubro ship Building Ltd. 

(c) Hindustan Shipyard Limited 

(d) Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders 

Answer (a) 

101: With which country, India has conducted third edition of Navy Bilateral Exercise ' Bongosagar' ?

(a) Nepal             (b) Bhutan 

(c) Sri Lanka      (d) Bangladesh 


102: Which company  has become the  first Exploration and Production ( E&P) company in India to trade domestic gas on Indian Gas Exchange ?

(a) GAIL India Limited 

(b) indian Oil Corporation 

(c) Oil and Natural  Gas Corporation 

(d) Reliance  Industries 

Answer (c) 

103: India's first indigenously developed Flying Trainer Aircraft ' HANSA _ NG' has been designed and developed by 

(a) National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) 

(b) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) 

(c) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) 

(d) Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) 


104: Which organisation has launched the National Data and Analytics Platform which aims to improve access  and use of published Indian government data ?

(a) National Development council 

(b) National Informatics Centre 

(c) NITI Aayog 



105: Scientists have discovered the fossil of a Madtsoiidae snake in which state/ UT?

(a) Kerala              (b) West Bengal 

(c) Ladakh               (d) Lakshadweep 


106: L&T Infotech ha  announced merger with which of the following companies, to create India's fifth largest IT services provider?

(a) Mphasis               (b) Coforge 

(c) Cognizant              (d) Mindtree 


107: Indian Space Research Organisation will send a spacecraft to orbit Venus to study what lies below the surface  by 

(a) March 2023      (b) December  2023 

(c) March 2024       (d) December 2024 


108: DRDO successfully tested the Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet  ( DFDR). The range of this technology is 

(a) 350 km              (b) 250 km

(c) 150 km                 (d) 50 km 

Answer (a) 

109: What is the rank of Mukesh Ambani in the Forbes Billionaires List 2022?

(a) 10th    (b) 11th   (c) 9th  (d) 12th 


110: Gaoferi _3 03 is an Earth Observation satellite, launched by which country?

(a) Israel    (b) China   (c) Iraq  (d) Japan 


111: Which Indian Space_ tech startup has launched its  first  commercial satellite ' Shakuntala '  from SpaceX's Falcon _ 9 rocket ?

(a) Pixxel                     (b) Dhruva Space 

(c) Bellatrix Aerospace  (d) TeamIndus 


112:  Which airline has become the first airline in the country to land aircraft using the indigenous navigation system GAGAN?

(a) Air India              (b) IndiGo 

(c) Go First                  (d) SpiceJet 


113: According to the SIPRI report, titled 'Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2021 ', India's military expenditure is the ............      highest in the world.

(a) first   (b) second  (c) third  (d) fourth 


114: 'Digital India RISC_V Microprocessor ( DIR_V) Programme 'aims  to create Microprocessors and achieve Silicon and Design wins by which year ?

(a) 2023    (b) 2025      (c) 2030     (d) 2050


115: Which is the  first vaccine to be granted emergency use authorisation in India, for  children in 5 to 12 years age group?

(a )Covaxin             (b) Covishield 

(c) Novavax             (d)  Corbevax 


116: Which company delivered the scorpene _ class submarine  INS Vagsheer to the Indian Navy ?

(a) Defence Research and Development Organisation 

(b) Mazagon Dock 

(c) Goa Shipbuilders 

(d) Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd 


117: New Space Indis Limited (NSIL) has inked an agreement with which company to complete the company's Satellite Launch Programme?

(a) Stingfly Aerospace 

(b) Skyroot Aerospace 

(c) Ziegler  Aerospace 

(d) One Web 


118: Choose the correct statement regarding 'RS_ 28 SARMAT', 

(1) Russia test _ fired world's most powerful ' nuclear _capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile  'RS_ 28 SARMAT '.

(2) It is also called 'Satan 2'. 


(a) Both (1) and (2)    (b) only (1) 

(c)  Only (2)                  (d) None of these 


119: The first edition of Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) Maritime Exercise 2022(IMEX_22) was held in which state ?

(a) Gujarat         (b) Goa  

(c) Kerala        (d) Maharashtra 


120: The Indian Army version   of Medium Range surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) has been developed by DRDO in partnership with which country ?

(a) Israel             (b) Russia 

(c) France          (d) United States 


121: Name the joint military training exercise between the Indian Army and Uzbekistan which kicked off in March 2022 at Yangiarik. 

(a) Ex_ Shared Destiny     (b) Ex_ Dustlik 

(c) Ex_ Khanjar               (d) Ex_ Sea Breeze 


122:  Which institution has set up a new interdisciplinary water management and policy centre  called ' AquaMAP' to solve water problems in india ?

(a) IIT Kanpur             (b) IIT Madras 

(c) IIT Bombay              (d) IIT Delhi 


123: Which Naval Ship was recently presented the prestigious President,'s Colour?

(a) INS Valsura             (b) INS  Gomati 

(c) INS Brahmaputra    (d)  INS  Betwa 


124: Which country test _ fired the International Ballistic Missile (ICBM) named Hwasong _ 17 ?

(a China                (b) North Korea

(c) Iran                  (d) South Korea 


125: United States military has held the largest _ ever military drill, ' Balikatan 2022' with the military  of which country ?

(a) Indonesia         (b) Switzerland 

(c) Malaysia             (d) Philippines 


126: Which Naval Command of Indian Navy has conducted offshore security exercise ' Prasthan' off  the  Mumbai coast ?

(a) Western Naval Command 

(b) Southern Naval Command 

(c) Northern Naval  Command 

(d) Eastern Naval  Command 


127: Which organisation has organised the massive military drill 'Cold Response 2022' in Norway ?

(a) Associated  of South _ East Asian Nations (ASEAN) 

(b) Shanghai Cooperation Organisation  (SCO)

(c) European Union (EU)

(d) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) 


128: The Dredging Corporation of India (DCI) has signed an agreement with which company to build India's first indigenously developed dredger ?

(a) Goa Shipyard 

(b) Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders 

(c) Garden Reach Shipbuilders &Engineers 

(d) Cochin Shipyard Limited 


129: India's first Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) has been launched by which auto company under a pilot project?

(a) Toyota          (b) Maruti 

(c) Hyundai       (d) Mahindra & Mahindra 


130: India's  first Virtual Smart Grid  Knowledge Centre (Virtual SGKC) has been developed by which  company?

(a)  NTPC Limited   

 (b) Indian Oil Corporation 


(d) Power Finance  Corporation 


131: India's first Biosafety level _ 3 containment mobile laboratory has been inaugurated in 

(a) Jaipur (Rajasthan)

(b) Nashik   (Maharashtra)

(c) Chennai   (Tamil Nadu)

(d) Gurugram  ( Haryana) 


132: Which country hosted multilateral exercise MILAN   2022 ?

(a) India                   (b) France 

(c) The UK                (d) Malaysia 


133: Which regiment's units were honoured with the President's Colours on February 23 ?

(a) Rajputana Rifles 

(b) Parachute Regiment 

(c) Sikh Regiment 

(d) Jat Regiment  


134: What is the rank of India in the International Intellectual Property (IP) Index 2022?

(a) 47             (b) 45    (c) 49      (d) 43


135: Which organisation has launched ' Quit Tobacco App' to help people end Tobacco consumption?

(a) National Health Authority 

(b) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare 

(c) National Institution   for Transforming India Aayog 

(d) World Health  Organisation 


136: Which Indian FMCG company has announced that the company has become India's Ist 100%  Plastic  Waste Neutral Company?

(a) Hindustan  Unilever Limited 

(b) Imperial Tobacco  Company of India Limited 

(c) Patanjali  Ayurved  Limited 

(d) Dabur India Limited 


137: The ISRO  successful launched which Earth  Observations satellite, in its first launch of the year 2022 ?

(a) EOS_ 2                     (b) EOS_ 5

(c) EOS_ 3                     (d) EOS_ 4  


138: The Indian Air Force will be participating with which of its aircraft to  showcase in the  ' Singapore Air Show 2022'?

(a) Dornier                     (b) Tejas 

(c) Sukhoi                     (d)  Dhruv 


139: Which country has topped the EIU's 2021 Democracy Index ?

(a) Singapore            (b) Australia 

(c) new Zealand        (d) Norway 


140: Which Platform has launched the campaign named " Take a Break " ?

(a) Google           (b) Instagram 

(c) Twitter          (d) WhatsApp 


141: The ISRO has decommissioned which Communication satellite through II Re_ orbiting manoeuvred   after 14 year service?

(a) INSAT _ 2E         ( b) KALPANA _1

(c) GSAT _ 29             (d) INSAT _ 4B 


142: Which organisation for the first time successfully demonstrated India's indigenous technology, Quantum key Distribution (QKD) link between Prayagraj and Vindhyachal in Uttar Pradesh?

(a) DRDL                  (b) DRDO 

(c) ISRO                     (d) HAL 


143:Which country has delivered all the contracted 70000 AK _ 203 assault rifles to India ?

(a) Israel                    (b) Afghanistan 

(c) Germany              (d) Russia 


144: Name  the decommissioned Indian Navy Ship which has been handed over  to  Diu administration to be developed as a full _ scale museum in memory of the 1971 Indo _ Pakistan War Heroes 

(a) INS  Visakhapatnam 

(b) INS  Tushil 

(c) INS   Vikrant 

(d) INS    Khukri 


145: India's largest Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station inaugurated at 

(a) Jaipur (Rajasthan)

(b) Nashik   (Maharashtra)

(c) Chennai   (Tamil Nadu)

(d) Gurugram  ( Haryana)


146: Which of the following companies has unveiled an artificial intelligence supercomputer 'AI  Research Super Cluster ( RSC)'?

(a) IBM                         (b) Alphabet Inc.

(c) Tesla                         (d) Meta  Inc.


147: Name  the liquid propellant _ based High Thrust engine for Gaganyaan mussion whose qualification test has been successfully conducted by ISRO recently. 

(a) Vikas                        (b) Gagan 

(c) Manas                      (d) Akash 


148: SBI  has partnered with which company for financing solar power projects through its  dedicated centralised processing cell named ' Surya Shakti Cell'?

(a) Moser Baer Solar 

(b) Photon Energy Systems 

(c) Tata  Power Solar 

(d) Jakson  Group 


149: Tata  Sky has recently rebranded itself as 

(a) Tata Trend            (b) Tat Pro 

(c) Tata Play               (d) Tata World 


150: Choose  the correct statements regarding MPATGM : 

1. DRDO  successful flight tested  the final devilervable configuration of Man Portable Anti _ Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM).

2. The indigenously developed anti_ tank missile is a low weight, fire & forget missile and is launched from a  man portable launcher, integrated with thermal sight.


(a) Only (1)                        (b) Only (2) 

(c) Both (1) and (2)           (d) Neither (I) or (2)


151: What is the name of the mobile application launched by the Common Services Centers    (CSC ) to impart skill _ based Vocational education to youth and citizens in rural areas?

(a) Gyaan              (b) Deeksha 

(c) Yogyata              (d) Saarthak 


152: Choose  the correct statements regarding BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles:

(a) This missile, with increase indigenous content and improved performance, was successfully test _ fired from Integrated Test Range, Chandipur  off  the coast of Odisha in 2022 

(b) It was conducted by BrahMos Aerospace in  close  coordination with the teams of DRDO

(c)  BrahMos was equipped with  the advanced indigenous technologies and followed a modified optimal  trajectory for enhanced efficiency and improved performance 

(d) All of above statements is true 


153: Choose  the correct statements regarding Artificial Moon Research:

1. China started the construction of the Artificial Moon Research Facility in Xuzhou City  

2. This facility is able to reduce gravity by using  centre magnetism .

3. It is the first research institute of its kind in the world 


(a) (1) and (2)           (b) (2) and (3) 

(c) 1, 2 and  3           (d) (1) and (3) 


154: The  Spices Board of India has launched  India's first portal for spice exports. What is the name of the portal ?

(a) Spice Xchange  India 

(b) Spice Trade India 

(c) Spice Export India 

(d) Spice Chat India



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