What are Stem Cells? How can they be utilized in the medical fields?

 What are stem cells? How can they be utilized in the medical field?

Ans. Approach:

  • ■ In Intro, define stem cell in brief.

  • ■In Body, you have to write about the various applications of Stem Cells in the Medical Field.

  • ■In Conclusion, try to give a balanced view about the Stem Cells.

Stem cells are unspecialized or undifferentiated cells that may divide and give rise to various types of specialized and differentiated cells. Stem cells are of 5 types: totipotent, pluripotent, multipotent, oligopotent, and unipotent out of which pluripotent stem cells are used in the medical field.

Uses of stem cell in Medicial field: 

■Blood Related Disease: With the help of stem cell technology, disease like blood cancer, anemia and thalassemia can be treated.

■Damaged Tissue: Stem cells can help in the healing of damaged tissue due to wound or burn.

■Blindness: With the help of a stem cell, Retina and Cornea (Parts of eye) can be reconstructed to treat blindness.

With the help of a stem cell, Type-1 diabetes can be treated. This is a condition of total lack of insulin.

■Development of New Organs: New organs can be developed by stem cells for organ transplant. This is yet at concept level not yet achieved.

■Stem cells can be used in the 
treatment of a spiral injury, liver disease, bone and cartilage disease.

■It can be useful in the treatment of baldness and tooth generation.

Stem cells undoubtedly offer tremendous potential to treat many human diseases but the danger lies in the mix of desperate patients, enthusiastic scientists, ambitious clinicians, and commercial pressures. Internationally agreed rules and regulations should be enforced. 

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