● Viruses in news:

● Human papilloma virus 

■ ' Cervavac', the country' s first quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine ( QHPV) ,manufactured by Serum Institute of India was approved by the Drug controller General of India for market authorization. 

■ HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that may cause cervical cancer.In India, cervical cancer accounted for 9.4% of all cancers and 18.3% ( 1,23,907) of new cases in 2020.

■ Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer of women in India despite being largely preventable. 

■ Cervical cancer can be eliminated if all prepubertal girls are given HPV vaccination globally. 

● Epstein Barr Virus ( EBV)

■ Scientists have found that the cancer _ causing EBV can infect the neuronal cells leading to diseases of the Central nervous systems and brain cancer. 

■ EBV viruses are widely present in the human population. 

■ They are usually harmless, but the virus gets reactivated inside the body in some unusual conditions like immunological stress or immunocompetent.

■ The study was conducted by the scientists of IIT Indore under the ' Fund for improvement of S& T Infrastructure ( FIST) scheme'.

● Marburg virus disease ( MVD) :

■ Ghana has reported first _ even suspected cases of MVD.
■ It belong to same family as Ebola.

■ It was first identified in 1967 in Germany's Marburg and Frankfurt. 

■ Fruit bats of Pteropodidae Family are key carriers of the disease. 

■ It is transmitted to people from fruit bats and spread among humans through human _ to _ human transmission. 

■ Currently there are no vaccine or antiviral treatments approved for MVD.


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